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Meet Our Management

Picture of Andrew Constantinou - Chairman & CEO - Direct Resources, Inc.
Andrew Constantinou
Chairman & CEO

Andrew Constantinou founded Direct Resources in 1985 and continues as its main driving force & visionary. Andrew's experience in the industry started in 1978, in Cincinnati OH . Under Andrew's direction Direct Resources is a leader in product fulfillment, fulfillment software, ecommerce fulfillment and warehousing.
Picture of Yolanda Dorantes - President - Direct Resources, Inc.

Yolanda Dorantes started with Direct Resources in the early years and has been instrumental in focusing her efforts in the financial and customer service part of the business. Yolanda's experience in the industry dates back to the Dinwiddie days where most of the innovations that we embrace today were created. Yolanda remains as one of Andrew Constantinou loyal aids.
Picture of Lynna Garrison - Executive VP - Direct Resources, Inc.
Lynna Garrison
Executive VP

Lynna Garrison is an integral part of Direct Resource management team since 1999. Lynna Garrison is responsible for customer service and is an important aid to Andrew Constantinou.